Coop. Del Campo Santa Catalina de Rebollar

We are a cooperative company dedicated to the wholesale trade of fruit and nuts, fresh vegetables and greens, founded on 22/06/1961.

Together with 14 other cooperatives, we form the Valle del Jerte Cooperative Association, S.C.L., which markets our agricultural products.

We market our agricultural products that our partners provide us. Our most outstanding product is the cherry, although we also have another series of products such as plums, chestnuts and figs.

Our registered social objective is:

  1. Acquire, develop, produce and manufacture by any procedure, for the cooperative or for the farms of its members, animals, feed, fertilizers, plants, seeds, material insecticides, instruments, machinery, facilities and any other necessary or convenient elements for the production and agrarian promotion.
  2. Preserve, classify, handle, transform, transport, distribute and market, even directly to the consumer, products from the cooperative’s farms and those of its members, in their natural state or previously processed.
  3. Acquire, parcel out and clean up and improve land intended for agriculture, livestock or forests, as well as the construction and operation of the works and facilities necessary for these purposes.
  4. Any other activities that are necessary or convenient or that facilitate the economic, technical, labor or ecological improvement of the cooperative or of the holdings of the members and of the second-tier cooperative society to which it is associated
  5. Promote and manage credit and agricultural insurance, through the promotion of rural savings banks, credit sections and other specialized entities, as well as founding credit sections so that they fulfill the functions of cooperative credit societies.

The Rebollar Cooperative mainly exports “Picotas” to Germany. What are “picks”? What are “Picotas”?

Premium cherries from “Valle del Jerte” are a unique gift due to their exceptional quality and limited availability.

esirable is usually what can only be enjoyed on a limited basis or at certain times. This is also the case of one of the tastiest cherries in the world: the Spanish cherry from the Valle del Jerte. (“Valle del Jerte” between the province of Cáceres and Salamanca).

The little cherry, whose stem remains on the tree when picked by hand, is only available for a short time, from mid-June to early August. Its special aroma, its crunchy bite and its extraordinary and intense sweetness seduce the taste buds of all cherry lovers every year They also have a natural point, unlike other cherries, which are round, hence the name cherry.

The seal of quality protects the tradition

The cherry, which impresses with its bright garnet red appearance, is the best-known ambassador of the Spanish cherry for its unique flavour It has been cultivated in the valleys of the Jerte mountain at more than 1,000 meters of altitude in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura since the 17th century and even enjoys a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). This seal of quality of the European Union not only protects tradition and quality, but also guarantees the origin of the pillory after its traditional cultivation in the geographical area of ​​Valle del Jerte. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and pure mountain air, La Picota is the result of a special microclimate. It is harvested manually in wicker baskets with great care and dedication to keep the cherry fresh at its optimum ripening point. It is typical of the cherry that it falls off its stem naturally when picked, but unlike all other cherry varieties, it remains intact and does not burst open.

Superior quality thanks to total production control

The so-called Valle del Jerte is a cooperative merger of several family businesses. It produces, processes and supplies together, also thanks to comprehensive quality control throughout the entire production chain – starting with the cherry harvest, passing through sorting, packaging, storage and finally delivery – millions of customers with Picota cherries of excellent premium quality.

Picota: a valuable food in every way

The picotas, which are suitable both as an aperitif cherry and for processing into sweet desserts and savory dishes, not only impress with their taste, they are also a highly nutritious food and contain valuable vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and minerals. A fruit that not only tastes particularly delicious, but is also good for you. Customers can see this for themselves again this year with active test campaigns in stores. Because only those who taste the picota cherry appreciate the unique quality of the cherry.

Picota communication campaign reports on the start of the season

In order to inform as many consumers as possible about Picota’s commercial presence from June to August, this will be actively accompanied by an extensive communication campaign that will include press work, commercial announcements and a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Marked variety of retail packaging

Picota cherry is available in various packages: starting with flowpacks and topseal trays from a size of 200 g, 250 g or 500 g up to 1, 2 or 5 kg cardboard boxes with foil. In addition, other packaging formats can also be offered individually as required. Todos los productos son reconocibles por la denominación de origen protegida DOP (“denominación de origen protegida”) y la impresión “Picota Cereza del Jerte”

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